Osteopaths are best known as spinal experts.  Low back pain, thoracic and neck pain are our most commonly treated symptoms.  We recognise that the factors that cause these problems are unique from one patient to the next.   Everyone is assessed on an individual basis and the factors that are relevant to your individual presentation are sought so treatment can be directed to the most effective area.  For more information please see our low back and neck pain page.

While being renowned for treating spinal complaints osteopaths are trained to examine, diagnose and treat the whole of the musculo-skeletal system, from head to toe.  Pain, injury and dysfunction in all the peripheral joints can be examined and treated.  Shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle and wrist problems can all be treated with success.  We commonly see and can help patients suffering with frozen shoulder and neuralgia.  Nerve entrapments such as sciatic pain, nerve root pain or carpal tunnel can be relieved once the site of entrapment found.  Once function has been restored to the dysfunctional area we can then also give advice on rehabilitation and exercises specific to you.

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