What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a highly effective system of medicine that concentrates on the musculo-skeletal and fascial systems of the body.  Osteopaths look at the structure and function of the body.  We aim to find and address the cause of your complaint as well as the symptoms.  These may or may not be local to the symptomatic area. 

Treatment is aimed at relieving  your pain, improving your mobility and promoting tissue healing.  This will enhance your quality of life by enabling you to return to your desired activity levels.

Based on an in-depth knowledge and understanding of anatomy, biomechanics and physiology, osteopaths are able to look at the unique way mechanical forces affect your body and put this into the context of your lifestyle and activities.

What should I expect when I visit?

On your first visit a full medical history will be taken and you will be given a physical examination.  You will normally be asked to go through some simple general movements as well as some specific movements to assess the problematic area.  This biomechanical assessment will be looked at in conjunction with your medical history, your lifestyle, activities and general health.  For the physical examination you may be asked to undress to your underwear to enable the osteopath to fully assess you.

Along with the history and examination your osteopath will then use their highly developed sense of touch to locate any areas of weakness, excessive mechanical strain and stress, injury, and postural imbalance, often locating tender areas resulting from these factors.  Treatment is hands-on using a great variety of non-invasive techniques.  Very gentle cranial and fascial releases, soft tissue work, stretching, articulatory and manipulative techniques are all used depending on your individual needs to improve your function, and reduce your pain. 

We will explain what is happening in simple english and give you specific advice relevant to your unique presentation.  This will enable you to understand what is causing your problem and take some control of your problem.


If we feel our treatment is inappropriate or further investigations are required we will refer you on to the relevant medical practitioner.

Who can we treat?

We can treat anyone from newborn and children through to adults and the elderly.  Lucy even has postgraduate qualifications enabling her to treat animals!  Our Osteopaths have relevant skills to tailor treatment to the individual patient.  Please see the specific pages on sports injuries, arthritis, babies and children, and pregnancy for more details. Whilst all of our Osteopaths are trained to treat these patients we may refer you to different members of the team if it is felt that a different practitioner is more suited to your presentation.

Safe in Our Hands

All our Osteopaths are fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council