Osteopathy for newborn and young children is a very gentle, drug free treatment.  Before and during birth a baby is put through very large mechanical and forces.  This can cause strains, and imbalances on the joints between the bones in the skull and face.  These can result in pain as well as irritation to various nerves and tissues which can have far reaching effects around the body.  These problems are more common if labour is particularly long or short, there are complications or if there is mechanical intervention with forceps or ventouse.  Treatment aims to reduce these strains which will allow the babies body to work more efficiently.

As children grow structural stresses and strains can affect the development of their body and lead to musculo-skeletal aches and pain.  Here at The Osteopath we can assess and treat any problems we encounter, or refer on to further professional care where appropriate.

Safe in Our Hands

All our Osteopaths are fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council