Commonwealth Games

Summer 2014

As you are aware this summer sees a second major international multi sports event coming to the UK.  The Commonwealth Games is being held in Glasgow in July 2014.  With 11 days of top class international competition the games are trying to emulate the events of London 2012.  Jersey have their largest ever squad going to these games and we are pleased to announce that Bill Aston has been asked to join ‘Team Jersey’ as part of the Medical Team supporting our elite sportsmen and women.  He is very much looking forward to being a part of the games and furthering his experience treating in such a different environment.

Safe in Our Hands

All our Osteopaths are fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council

NICE Guidelines

May 2009

In May 2009 The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) provided guidelines for the ‘Early management of persistent low back pain’.  In the guidelines they advocate the use of physical activity and exercise that should be ‘tailored to the person’.  They recommend Manual therapy such as Osteopathy including spinal manipulation for up to nine sessions over a twelve week period.  They also suggest that one should ‘consider offering a course of acupuncture needling for 10 sessions over 12 weeks’. 

Here at ‘The Osteopath’ all the practitioners provide the relevant knowledge and expertise.

Whether you would like to know if Osteopathic treatment could help you, a friend or family member, or if you are after more information or advice please call us.

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Jersey Sports Medicine Clinic

Jersey Sports Medicine Clinic is a new and exciting idea for Jersey.  Taking its ideas from advancements being maade in Sports Medicine, JSMC is using a multi disciplinary model of care for our sportsmen and women.  What does this mean for you?  If you want we can arrange for a multi practitioner view on your problem enabling Osteopaths, Sports Injuries Doctors, Physiotherapists to look at your problem, have an open discussion, and give advice with regards its management from different perspectives.  It is an approach that encourages new ideas to flourish alongside current treatments of injuries providing the best possible outcome in your specific case.  Please follow the link to the JSMC website in the links section.